Because of you – attendees, mentors and sponsors – this truly was a challenging, exciting and powerful event!  The second annual Startup Weekend in Calgary was an intense journey for most, bringing people together to realize some great ideas and MVP’s.


Startup Weekends are designed to help new or aspiring entrepreneurs learn what it means to launch their own ventures. And the process was visible as participants saw the different aspects and perspectives emerge over the 54 hours.  About half our participants had technical backgrounds, the other half had business backgrounds; and all participants were amazing professionals with talent and passion.


The following prize packages were given to our winning teams:


  1. Kawkfighter Team (game) led by Greg Bennett
  2. StartupGuage Team (web-based) led by Joyce Tse
  3. EveryLittleDetail Team (web-based) led by Teang Tang

The prize packages awarded consisted of the following;


  • $5000 of core development services from Boast Capital
  • $5000 of business development services from Inceptive Solutions
  • $500 of Media Awareness Training from Raindance Alberta
  • $500 of consulting services from Aquanode Interactive Labs
  • $200 Amazon web sevices
  • FREE demo to DemoCamp
  • up to 3hrs/month coaching services from Devesh Dwivedi & Justin Nowak for the remainder of 2012




Neither the prizes nor the MVP’s created would not have been possible without the team working alongside the participants.



Sheldon Pereira (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Tony Grimes (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Chris Graham (LinkedIn)

Alex Kelly (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Steve Chapman (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Rick Burley (LinkedIn)

Agostino Mosca (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Christian Maclean (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Victoria Maclean (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Jorge Ignacio Gonzalez (LinkedIn)

Ghyslaine Leroy (LinkedIn)

Yuval Kordov (LinkedIn) (Twitter)



Justin Nowak (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Alex Bunyan (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Luis Berumen (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Stacey Perlin (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Devesh Dwivedi (LinkedIn) (Twitter)


Please keep in touch with these people and your fellow participants; these are the people that make things happen!

The Startup Weekend Calgary Team